Loveland, Windsor, Fort Collins, Northern Colorado, USA



I’m a Christian ♰ Chaplain

I would be honored to listen to your situation and try to be supportive through prayer and/or answer any of your hard questions in light of God’s word and the leading of the Holy Spirit. I will also do what I can to work through grief and ethical issues with you. If I know that I can’t help you I will let you know, and hopefully I can point you in the right direction so that you can get the help that you need. If you are truly seeking a personal relationship with Jesus, I would be so honored to share the good news of the Kingdom of Heaven with you. Jesus came to save you FROM your sins not in your sins and I would absolutely love to tell you about it. You will probably be surprised to learn that the Antinomian Gospel that is being preached in the modern Christian churches is not what the Disciples of Jesus taught.

I’m a Prayer ♰ Minister

Ask For Prayer

I would be honored to stand with you in Prayer or to intercede on your behalf to God in the name of Jesus Christ. God hears the prayers of His children and He wants to show mercy even to His enemies. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you have done. If the desire of your heart is to have a right relationship with God, then He does want to help you. He knows everything that is going on. As a son of God I have faith that He desires that all people live a holy, happy and healthy life for His glory. He sends His sons and daughters out into the darkness of this world to reach out to all creatures and be a blessing and to draw everyone into His heavenly kingdom. Please don’t bother contacting me if you just want to mock God or His people. Yes, there are a lot of fake Christians in the world, I am not here to talk about them. Prayer is serious though not to be made into a religious ritual.

I want to help you become SUPERNATURAL

Do you feel like an alien in this world, almost like the person who you want to be deep inside is struggling against the person who lives in this world? Do you feel that you were made for another world? Have you ever wanted to leave your old life and the person who you are behind? In simplest terms, do you want to be good but feel like you are hopelessly bad? First of all let me encourage you that you are not alone … Those feelings are normal for all those who have been born into this broken world and have not given up the hope/longing/desire for a better world and especially a better nature. I have good news for you. You don’t have to wait until you die physically to get there. What we are talking about is the Desire of the Ages. It very well could be something that you have partly known about your whole life, but THEY lied to you about. It is something that you can have if you are ready. Take Courage and Believe. There is Another Dimension where it is Possible.

(Disclaimer: I am not talking about you being able to do whatever you want. You will have to leave what is holding you back behind.)

My Training & Qualifications

I’m a Christian Lay Chaplain/Minister & Disciple of Jesus Christ.
I have many years of Bible study experience but I find that I have much to learn & understand.
God is my Father and Jesus is my personal savior and friend and He has authorized me to Pray for the sick with the promise that they will recover.
I am a Mighty Man of Valor & I Wage War in the Spiritual Realm. I am One spirit with the Holy Spirit. He lives in me, for me, and through me, and He causes me to keep His commandments and His judgments and do them.
I have a couple of years experience as a Street Minister & I have earned a Christian Ministry Certificate at Christian Leaders Institute.

As a son of God, my Mission is to Destroy the works of the Devil (1 John 3:1 & 8, 2 Corinthians 10:3-6). I proclaim the Gospel of the kingdom of God . The Good News that I bring is this, Jesus came to save His people FROM their Sins (Matthew 1:21). There is no Salvation in any other (Acts 4:12, 1 John 2:22-24, Revelation 1:5-6). Those who Sin have neither seen Him nor known Him (1 John 3:6) . Whoever Believes and turns from their Sins and is Baptized (Mark 16:16, John 3:5) calling on Jesus’s name for the Remission of their Sins shall be Saved (Acts 2:21 & 38, 22:16) from slavery to Sin (John 8:34-36). And He will put His Holy Spirit within them, and cause them to walk in His statutes, and they shall keep His judgments, and do them (Ezekiel 36:27, Romans 8:1-9). If Jesus gives you #FreedomFromSin you will be free from Sin In Reality (John 8:32-36) . The Apostle John went so far as to declare that he who is Born of God CANNOT Sin (1 John 3:9) and the wicked one can’t touch him (1 John 5:18). Jesus has done this in my life. He paid the price for my sins and He has Saved me FROM my Sins and from the power of the devil. 

You can read MY TestimonyHere