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 My name is Samuel, my pen name is SC Watchman . 

Supernatural Warfare

 I am a Minister and Disciple of Jesus Christ . I proclaim the Gospel of the kingdom of God . The Good News that I bring is this, Jesus came to save His people FROM their Sins (Matthew 1:21) for those who Sin have neither seen Him nor known Him (1 John 3:6) . If Jesus gives you #FreedomFromSin you will be free from Sin In Reality (John 8:32-36) . The Apostle John went so far as to declare that he who is Born of God CANNOT Sin (1 John 3:9) .

 Jesus has done this in my life. He paid the price for my sins and He has Saved me FROM my Sins . You can read MY Testimony here .

 I am also a self taught Logo/Graphic Designer, Apparel, Artist, Author & Producer

 This is my .Space, (Portfolio website) . Here I tell my Stories, Preach and display the things that I have done over the years .

 If you have a project that you believe I can help you with,  Contact Me.

 I am always looking for Tentmaking jobs while I proclaim the Gospel .

You can support my ministry by Purchasing a T-shirt, Book or Piece of Art or by sending a donation via this link > or via Cryptocurrency.

Or you can purchase one of my Non-Fungible Token designs .

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About Me

I was born in Colorado in 1983 .

My Grandma was the first artist in the family. She did everything from hand drawing, to painting, to sculpting .

My mom was also an artist but she gave up her art career in order to homeschool her children and care for her parents .

My uncle in law showed me how easy it was to draw when I was about 9 . He drew a picture of a knight fighting a dragon and from that point on I began drawing for myself .

I developed a great love for Christian comic book art beginning at age 12 when my dad got me the first Illuminator comic book for my birthday . Other Christian Comic books that I collected were The Christian Crusader and Archangels: The Saga . If you like Christian Comic Books I would recommend i.BIBLE, KingstoneComics.com & VoyageComics.com .

As I grew up I copied the style of my comic books and made lots of my own penciled comic books .

​In 1998 I was introduced to Adobe Photoshop 3 by a family friend and I began to ink and color my comic book art digitally .

​In 2008 I began to produce short Animated Productions on Youtube which are also on Bitchute .

​In 2013-2015 I built some Christian mods for The Elder Scrolls games by Bethesda .

     The Pilgrims Progress Mod

     TTOA The Tombs of Anak

​In 2018-19 I painted 11 prophetic paintings . You can read the stories behind them Here .

Apparel Christian T-shirts The Final Frontier

Since 2018 I have been designing my own line of Bold Impacting Christian T Shirts for Disciples to openly proclaim their Faith in the LORD Jesus Christ in these Last Days.

​In 2019 I built a Website for Shoes (No Longer Available) on Mailchimp .

I started building this website March of 2021.

I got my Domain Name and Website Hosting through Namecheap.com . Using the following link you can get a Free Domain Name and 50% off Web Hosting when you sign up for 2 years. Regardless of the plan you buy from Namecheap you will pay less than you would through other Website Hosting services like GoDaddy and Hostgator.

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Contact Me if you would like help designing and building your own website. I can build one similar to this for you for a price, or send you instructions on how you can build one yourself for FREE using Infinity Free. The drawback with using Infinity Free is that there is a limit to how many times your website can be visited in 24 hours.